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Pastoral Care

Care for ministry leaders is designed to offer support and rest. Ministry leaders are supported by means of pastoral care, mentoring and accountability. EM provides opportunities for ministry leaders to come away from the demands of their ministry, to come to a quiet place, a place that promotes a fresh “encuentro” (encounter) with God and with one’s self, so that having been spiritually transformed one can re-enter ministry and relate more effectively to ones’ family, church, and community.

Skills Development

This area of EM’s program aims to create an environment where participants together learn from and teach each other. EM will challenge ministry leaders to reflect on current issues related to doing ministry with Hispanics, in order to become transformational leaders. The first set of areas to be considered is: spiritual and relational vitality, balance in life and ministry, development of a vision for life and ministry, and leadership from a Hispanic perspective.


Through EM, ministry leaders are exposed to resources and networks that enable them to become more effective in their own current contexts. Together we will create resources out of our own sharing of experiences, to bless other ministry leaders in need of pastoral care and skills development. Together we will build a network of new and existing resources and make it available to others.

The Harvest is Great ...

The growing Hispanic population in the U.S. is a greater opportunity for the Church, but it is also a greater demand for its leaders. And who will pastor the multitudes of Hispanics? One single church can’t do it alone; nor can one pastor, planter or ministerial leader. God has called EM to train, care for, and resource many planters, pastors, and leaders working with Hispanic churches and communities, so that more leaders are effective in their local ministries, and more persons are reached for Christ.

Please contact EM if you would like to invite the Peraltas to equip your leadership and prepare for this great harvest!

The Laborers are Few ...

Click here if you would like to partner with EM to help reach  and equip Pastors and leaders.

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