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icareformypastor challenge


Here’s a fresh opportunity to take care of your pastor!


So many pastors, planters, missionaries, church, para-church ministry leaders aren’t being cared for adequately. Many times they are “out there” doing ministry on their own. They care for us, but who cares for them? Take the challenge of showing your “pastor” (or a planter, a special missionary, or a leader in a Christian organization), that you appreciate his/her ministry. Wear this bracelet as a sign of your appreciation of his/her ministry, and then … take action. Care for your for those who care for you. Show your “pastor” that you really care.

To order the icareformypastor wristband, click here → → → → → →

How can

1. Pray for your pastor.
2. Pray for your pastor's family.
3. Call and talk to him/her regularly.
4. Spend time together over a meal, hobby or sport.
5. Take over one of his/her responsibilities (teach a Bible study, preach a sermon, make visits, mow the lawn, wash the car, etc.)
6. Establish or promote a regular Pastor's Day Celebration in your church.
7. Develop and implement a Pastoral Relations Committee (for more information, click here).
8. Recognize special days in the pastor's family: ex., birthdays, anniversaries.
9. Get others to commit to the icareformypastor challenge.
10. Love your pastor as Christ has loved the Church.

How do you care for your pastor? Click here to send us your ideas!


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